Abrasive sponges

Red abrasive spongeSponges are very comfortable and easy to use. At low intensity, the sponge automatically adjusts to the shape of the grinded surface. Sponges have long lifetime service, in the case of dust clogging, they can simply be washed under running water.







All grains are produced on a raw material that complies with the standard
F.E.P.A. Grain is not toxic, it doesn’t emit any harmful substances and smell. The product can be used in a wet and dry environment, sponges can be washed under running water.
It’s recommended to use a face-mask and eye protection during


Grey Polyurethane. Open cells with medium and hard elasticity. Non toxic
material in it’s solid form. Avoid fire, under its influence
sponge can give off dangerous odor.


Highly flexible rubber with an adhesive base. The connection between sponge
and the grain creates a flexible layer. Non toxic.